Utility services

Nasty smell coming out of your shower drain? Suspiciously high water bills? If you noticed such symptoms in your house it may be necessary to call professional utility services. We specialise in detecting underground leaks, and pipe installation and replacements. Thanks to modern, trenchless technology we do not need to dig up your land. For your convenience we offer a 24-hour emergency call, which you can reach any time you may need. Remember, the sooner you decide to act, the easier (and cheaper!) it will be to fix the issue.

General Carpentry

When it comes to woodworking and creating or restoring beautiful pieces made of oak, maple or pine, there is nothing we cannot do. That is why we offer general carpentry services. If you want a respectable furniture, that are also one of a kind, we are the best place to call. Contact us when you have that old table to renovate or an antique chair to fix - our experienced team of hard workers is ready to take on any challenges. We also offer different services which are mentioned on our own website.


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