Domestic pest control

If you are troubled by insects or rodents every day, you should contact us to get professional help in no-time. We are always ready to get rid of mice, rats or any other type of unwanted "guests" in your house. Choose our domestic pest control services to make cockroaches, silverfish, or bed bugs go away for good. We can also take care of ants and flies; they are not dangerous, but really annoying to have around. Have your rooms clean and safe to be in thanks to our services in Dublin and the surrounding areas!

blue painting tape

Blue painting tape is an essential tool for any painting project. Designed to deliver clean and precise lines, it provides easy application and removal without leaving residue. Our blue painting tape is versatile, suitable for various surfaces, including walls, trim, and delicate surfaces. The low-tack adhesive ensures secure adhesion without damaging the underlying paint or finish. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional painter, our blue painting tape is your reliable partner in achieving sharp and professional-looking paint lines.


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