Antigen test Cork

Do you need a rapid confirmation whether you have the coronavirus? Register for an antigen test at our facility in Cork and get your results within 15 minutes! This makes it a perfect diagnostic tool for essential workers who need to regularly check their condition. If your results are positive, we will take a PCR swab for additional analysis. You will also be asked to stay at home until the results are ready. If you have already developed symptoms, please refer to Public Health services instead.

Guided bike tours

If sports are a huge (or even small!) part of your life, you should definitely take a look at our guided bike tours offer. You can choose from two options: one including a beautiful route to Kinsale, a coffee and a sandwich, and a few challenges to win a bottle of home brew. The second option is recommended for more advanced cyclists, as it takes a few days and includes a distance for around 170km. Both are intended for small groups of 4 - we promise you will have the best of fun, get plenty of cycling advice and leave with amazing memories!


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